Rumana Husain

Rumana Husain originally trained as a graphics designer. Following her multiple interests, she started by making stuffed toys and appliqué murals and, over the years, has traversed distinguished careers as an artist, innovative primary school teacher, administrator, teacher-trainer and author/illustrator of over forty books for children in both Urdu and English.

She is also an art critic and a regular contributor to the English language press. She co-founded The Book Group (1988), and the bi-annual NuktaArt Magazine (2005), of which she is Senior Editor. She worked as Head, Activism & Outreach at the Children’s Museum for Peace and Human Rights (2001–2008).

She has been associated with this firm since 2000. She assisted her husband and designed his book 100+1 Pakistani Architects and their Own Houses (2006). She also presents programmes on art and architecture in the electronic media. She is the author of Karachiwala - a subcontinent within a city (2010), her first book for a wider audience. She is the founder-editor of a quarterly, bi-lingual (English and Urdu) guide and features magazine AYE Karachi! the first issue of which was published in March 2011.