Media and Outreach

Mukhtar and Rumana Husain have been teaching, reviewing projects and cultural events, writing books, contributing articles to magazines and newspapers and creating television programs focusing on architecture and the arts. This outreach activity has been supported by FNMH, which also enabled production of a documentary film. More recently these activities are being undertaken through its sister firm Jaal, whose platform includes designing and publishing coffee-table books, bringing out a (quarterly) city guide and features magazine, and exploring new media possibilities.

Project Reviews

For the Aga Khan Award for Architecture
1995 cycle

1998 cycle

For A+I: Architecture + Interiors (magazine)


Coffee Table Books

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City Guide and Features Magazine

AYE Karachi!

All major cities of the world have a city magazine; be it London, Paris, New York, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur or Delhi. However, Karachi, with a population of 18 million, and a sprawl of over 3,530 square km, did not have such a magazine until Jaal published AYE Karachi! – a Bilingual Quarterly City Guide and Features Magazine.

Film, Television and Print


Women @ Work is a travelling poster exhibition curated by Rumana Husain when she was working as Head Activism and Outreach at the Children’s Museum for Peace and Human Rights. This exhibition was in collaboration with the British Council Karachi. It was launched in Karachi on International Women’s Day, 8th March, in 2002, and later in Nottingham, UK in 2004 where she was invited for its launch. Afterwards, the exhibition travelled in other UK cities and in Karachi it has been shown in at least 150 educational and other institutions. A Teachers’ Manual complementing this exhibition was also developed.

For several years now, some women in Pakistan have been working in various unconventional areas. These are women who have not only made a difference by proving themselves in their chosen fields of work, but have also shown the way to those who wish to follow in their footsteps.

Pakistani women work in a number of different fields: as teachers and educationists; doctors and veterinarians; writers and publishers; journalists and film-makers; social workers and human rights activists; farmers and hawkers; artists and designers; architects and conservationists; lawyers and judges; performing artists and cultural directors; politicians and bureaucrats; pilots and labourers; home-makers and entrepreneurs. While some women have dedicatedly pursued a single goal, others have put on different caps to work in various capacities in order to fill the voids that called for their attention. Women @ Work is a tribute to all Pakistani women.

Cambridge-Karachi Portrait

Cambridge-Karachi Portrait (by Caroline Jaine) shot in Saddar with Rumana Husain, author of the book 'Karachiwala: a subcontinent within a city' acting as guide/translator.



Television Programs

Three television series were scripted by Rumana Husain for a private channel, TV-One. In addition, she conducted interviews for two of the series. The first consisted of 13 programmes called “Living Designs,” each of which was an interview of a well-known Pakistani architect in his/her home. This was followed by another series of 13 programmes. These were conceived in two parts: the first part of each programme was an interview of a Pakistani artist in his/her studio, followed by an interview of an architect. The third series also consisted of two-part programmes, but this time the first part was an interview of an artist by Rumana Husain, followed by an on-site tour of a historic building or area in Karachi by Mukhtar Husain, who also explained the merits of each project to a group of architecture students.

These programmes, all in Urdu, were hugely popular and were repeated on prime time television over several months.

Rashid Ahmad Arshad
Rabia Zuberi
Abdul Jabbar Gull
Mansoor Saleem
Munawwar Ali
Roohi Ahmad
Anjum Ayaz
Akhtar Hilal Zuberi


Mukhtar and Rumana Husain have been doing interviews of well-known personalities in the fields of art and culture. They have also been writing articles on subjects related to architecture and the arts for many years, and have an established reputation for this work.

Their interviews, articles and book reviews have been printed in numerous local and foreign professional and fashion magazines, and various national daily newspapers. They are often requested to write on specific subjects, or for special occasions.